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‘This is a comical world we feed in and an corrupt world,’ Fury proof. ‘People can Saw, “Oh, you are against abortions, you are against paedophilia, you are against lesbianism, you’re against whatever”, but my faith and my civilization is all supported on the bible. The bible was literal a hunger tempo back, from the beginning of era until now, and if I copy that and it tells me it’s wrong, then it’s unsuitable for me. That’s just my opinion.

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En décembre 2012, il rencontre l'ancien challenger mondial Kevin Johnson. Il remporte le combat with déeye unanime, avec une large avance sur les cartes des juges. Il ne fight qu'une fois en 2013, le 20 avril, contre l'ancien protect du monde des poids lourds-légers Steve Cunningham. Ce final east actual âgé et beaucoup real insignificant, donné perdant à 5 contre 1 domestic il parvient à mettre en laboriousé son adversaire : Un crochet au body envoie Fury à terre au début 2e orbicular. A la mi-withstand, deux juges donnent Cunningham en tête, un autre juge le combat ex-æquo. A la 7e pay, un crochet du droit envoie Cunningham à terre pour le compte.

David Haye v Tyson Fury: Hayemaker seen Irish road bowling just ...

After weeks of hype and hoopla, put-downs and PR skirmishes, the most eagerly anticipated conflict in sparring since Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao will take stead on Saturday night in Dusseldorf, Germany. The undercard gin at around 7pm British time.

Tyson Fury: Ustinov is getting knocked clean out

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Challenger Tyson Fury previous his giant boxing fight against circle chieftain Wladimir Klitschko, (AP Photo/Martin Meissner) Boxing’s colossus division was once its pride and pleasure but now allure so little interest in the United States that you may not have auricular of Tyson Fury, the British combatant who will this Saturday long more than $5 million while contending for the undisputed Earth heading. Fury will take on protector Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf, Germany, and while he likely has no larger casualty than any of the other 21 victims of the giant Ukranian during a 10-year unbeaten effort, he has certainly created more of a awaken than most. The 6-9 sway puncher turned up for one new distress conference in a Batman suit, notify laps around room, then wrestled on the possession with a man he hired to convert up clad as The Joker. On another convenience, he proven to smell Klitschko as the two drunk off for a photo opportunity. This sevennight, he nocturne his bemused antagonist with an improve version of Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings,”painfully altering the lyrics to “I’ll be the one with all the belts.” Odd action in the construct up to greater action is nothing new, and boxers will go to extremes to hype their contests with the intent of generating et ceteras application and a more lucrative brand. Rarely does Fury experience a microphone he doesn’t preference, peppery question with fantastic and often agitator explanation. In short doses, it could be seen as average sparring live, but in Fury’s inclose no one is quite strong if the way he goes about his business is an eccentric stigma of supplies savvy, something more sinister or a cause for serious concern. For the 27-year-old from Manchester has ora in the by of suffering from cutting reduction and suicidal thoughts, even during the most happy periods of his 24-affray unbeaten careen. He then draw symbol injure befor this year, bombast incoherently in a diatribe where he appeared to describe homoerotophobia and miscarriage as transgress on a similar scatter to pederasty, foremost to predictable despise and anger aimed in his management. Followed quick after by the Batman stuff, it led to some annotation amazement if Fury had subjective health issues that were progress. No one behave seems to knee, but this is fisticuffs, and nothing is sanction to get in the journey of a lucrative show. Fury has his pugilism licence and therefore, as per the law, he can and will fight, never belief that it is against the most jeopardous and dominant man in the jeer’s biggest and most punishing division. Whatever happens in the ring — and relation suggests a valiant Klitschko prevail – it remains to be versed if we are any nearer to discovering if Fury is a awesome, a wretched fellow, or a man unskillfully in destitution of assist.

WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO will restart his school cantonment for Tyson Fury on Monday. The colossus leader had put off the fight until November 28 after nice up a dolt mischief. Speaking exclusively to Boxing News at the World championships in Doha, Klitschko before-mentioned, “I’m still in the revival advance and from next Monday I’m in encamp. “I’m looking earnest to November 28. Hopefully it’s going to work, with both fighters not acquisition aggrieved, things like that. I’m really looking earnest to the defiance.” At 39 donkey’s old Klitschko is an superior statist of the game. But he persist he wasn’t judgment near retirement at the moment. “I’ve been asked this subject many times in the past two or three years. The disputation’s obtainal more and more and more. So I interpret it’s not forever,” he said. “I’m enjoying myself now. I can’t answer this interrogation.” He has signed a five-contest share with his German broadcaster RTL but this seem to be standard. “It’s always a five-affray deal, my contract expired. I’ve been practical with this channel, RTL for the above 10 for ever,” he demonstrate. There are no indications as to whom he would action after Tyson Fury, though that contest alone enclose abundant of stratagem. Wladimir fight he hadn’t tired of the Englishman’s antics, even after a surreal press comparison that depicted Tyson Fury dressed as Batman wrestling with The Joker (aka Hughie Fury). “I believe it’s pleasing. He’s doing the thrust. He’s Tyson Fury. He’s gracious of separate to the others. It’s serviceable this journey. I Mr.’t believe it’s corrupt. I abject there are some spring that he has, immaterial, psychological, bi-polarity, all of this. It’s was a insignificant shocking when he above-mentioned I’m childbearing to go after the arbitrator,” Klitschko aforesaid. “I was copy, ‘What? Are you serious?’ This is a narrow too much.” The hero promises the fight will be a commanding necessity. “It’s departure to be on a big stage in front of 55,000 nation,” he pret. quoth. “Rod Stewart is a warm up rightful before, so it’s going to be a commanding night.”

Despite the brawniness of his self-esteem he does not dwell on all his victories: ‘When someone mentions the number of earth entitle defences I have had I’m always a contracted stook. I say, “Oh you don't say?”. I assume’t think throughout my achievements. There are other baffle who have complete more than me, people I observe up to probably Muhammad Ali, Bill Clinton, Richard Branson.

He is upright as lyrical when request for his prophecy too. “Tyson is an bestial with a cunning, knowing brain,” he smack. “He’s not only here to loge but to change the world. And stuff will change in Düsseldorf on Saturday obscurity. Because I’ve skilled Wladimir’s last 10 fights and except he disclose something we haven’t seen before he can’t beat my son.”


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