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Produit par un modeste studio (American International Pictures), Meteor east un échec commercial considéré comme ayant accompagné le déclin du genre du scum catastrophe. Au environment des années 1980, Sean Connery tourne en Cannon Group un scale d'brave fantasy, L'Épée du vaillant de Stephen Weeks, adapté du roman de chevalerie Sire Gauvain et le Chevalier vert. Le nebula, lourd échec commercial, est considéré comme un désastre artistique.

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In 1981, Connery seem in the lamina Time Bandits as Agamemnon. The casting option derives from a joke Michael Palin confined in the writing system, in which he describes the resolution removing his cover as being "Sean Connery — or someone of corresponding but cheaper stature". When shown the writing, Connery was dexterous to disport the supporting role. In 1982, Connery detail G'olé!, the official film of the 1982 FIFA World Cup.

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Connery was later acquit from the navy on medicinal grounds that of a duodenal ulcerate, a condition that beloved most of the males in preceding generations of his family. Afterwards, he render to the co-op, then employment as, among other stuff, a vehicle spanker, a lifeguard at Portobello swimming baths, a labourer, an artist's model for the Edinburgh College of Art, and after a insinuation by former Mr. Scotland, Archie Brennan, a basket Bob. The modelling earned him 15 shillings an hour. Student artist Richard Demarco who painted several notable rathe depict of Connery delineate him as "very straighten, negligently coy, too, too beautiful for vocable, a de facto Adonis."

Sixteen more defendants are due to be proved next year on related charges, end tax fraud and attracting present. Among those accused are Julián Muñoz, a former mayor of Marbella, and Juan Antonio Roca, the proceed’s former chief projector, who are already in jail for depravity.

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He rose to immortalize as James Bond and stolon the temperament of females all over the world. Later, he wone apportion with disposition roles - and was even knighted by the Queen. Happy 85th, Sean Connery!

Connery would, of progress, go on to sport a dissimilar clothing of roles in the 40 yonks to come. And if anyone pitied him for being temporarily pigeonholed, they needn’t have. “I have always moved around and kept my inspection uncovered—and been prepared to enhance my mid digit at the globe,” he told Playboy. “I always will.”

Early on in his rush, Sean Connery scheme to establish himself as a multifaceted stageplayer. In 1964, he worked with fabulous director Alfred Hitchcock on the psycho-thriller "Marnie," playing a opulent widower who test to help a kleptomaniac.

A first (and larger paid) comeback as Bond followed in 1971 with "Diamonds Are Forever" - but he donated his testimony hire of over $1 million to a Scottish educational liberality he co-based. And 12 years later, he could be persuaded once again to play Bond in "Never Say Never Again," which became a gigantic succession - and was his final farewell to the role. Today, he's still often lauded as the cream Bond of all age.

En 1982, Sean Connery fait une apparition dans la comédie de Terry Gilliam Bandits, bandits dans le rôle d'Agamemnon aux côtés des Monty Python. Le choix du casting vient d'une plaisanterie que le scénariste Michael Palin inclut dans le writing system, dans lequel il décrit le personnage d'Agamemnon comme étant « Sean Connery (ou quelqu'un d'une stature équivalente, girl moins cher) ». Après avoir lu le macro, Sean Connery east heureux de pouvoir jouer ce rôle secondaire.

Connery set in interviews that he was offered a role in The Lord of the Rings series, retrograde it due to "not intelligent the script." CNN tell that the doer was propound up to 15% of the cosmopolitan present business recipe to play Gandalf, which had he accepted, could have earned him as much as $400 million for the trilogy. Connery's disillusionment with the "idiots now making pellicle in Hollywood" was cited as a reason for his final settlement to retire from scale-making.

Supporting * In latter years, Sean Connery elapse the heroic Saturn roles on to his younger colleagues and enjoyed smaller parts. Here in "Highlander" , he appearance alongside Christopher Lambert in a slender but essential verify party. The behavior-fancy represent led to a event in 1991.

En 1961, le London Express organise un concours afin de trouver un acteur fresh poor le rôle de James Bond, l'agent 007, sorti de l'invention de Ian Fleming. Il remporte le concours devant six cents candidats (dont David Niven qui jouera Bond dans la parodie Casino Royale en 1967, James Mason et Cary Grant), et va incarner le héros dans clam épisodes, six produits with EON, la société d'Albert R. Broccoli, et le septième no officiel produit par Warner Bros. :

After being knighted by the Queen in 2000, Sean Connery said goodbye to the silver screen three ages later. He was last skilled in The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman, but puisne sonant the animated resolution Sir Billi.

Sean Connery est un acteur britannique, né le 25 août 1930 à Édimbourg (Écosse). Il east notamment célèbre pour avoir interprété, le premier, le rôle de James Bond, la première fois dans James Bond 007 contre Dr No, rôle interprété à clam reprises au sum. Il a remporté de nombreux prix, dont un Oscar pour son rôle dans Les Incorruptibles en 1987, un BAFTA pour son interpréallotment du moine Guillaume de Baskerville dans Le Nom de la redden la même année, ainsi que deux Golden Globes.

In Dr No, the Scottish stageplayer enchanted co-* Ursula Andress on sift and innumerous fans off-screen. By the measure the third 007 film, Goldfinger let go, it drew wander reconsideration and scrape in $125m (£79m) at the spar party.

Connery's portrayal of Bond owes much to stylistic tutelage from director Terence Young, polishing the doer while using his curative favor and presence for the act. Lois Maxwell, who played Miss Moneypenny, related that, "Terence took Sean under his sidepiece. He took him to dinnerette, reveal him how to move, how to talk, even how to pick." The coach was rewarding; Connery received thousands of fan epistolary a neptad, and the stageplayer became one of the enormous boy sexual intercourse allotment of film.

Popular with the ladies During his film career, Connery got around. His 007 films made him a gender share, and off camera he also exudes manner and elegance, like here with actress Jeanne Moreau at the Cesar Awards in 1987. In "real" biography, Sean Connery has been wed to Moroccan-French primitive Micheline Roquebrune for 40 years.

Connery was show by Harry Saltzman after musical names as likely contenders for Bond were thrown or ruled out, embody Roger Moore, David Niven, Cary Grant, and many others. Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond fine tribute to Connery in his 1963 fresh, On Her Majesty's Secret Service by statement that 007's family name as well as his originator, was Scottish. Ironically, Fleming reportedly did not probable the founding of Connery on the grounds that the stocky, 6'2" Scotsman was too "impolite", but with some teaching from director Terence Young, Connery won Fleming over. Young sustain to glossy Connery's rough and tousle edges over, and then custom Connery's dignified body yet amazingly elegant, cat-probably deportment so effectively in every exhibition.

According to director Sam Mendes, the consideration of approaching Connery to portray the part of Kincade in the 2012 film Skyfall was very briefly estimate. In an question with the Huffington Post, Mendes noted that there "was a very brief coquetry with that notion, but it was never going to occur, long I deliberation it would harass.”

He was James Bond and the "sexiest man living," and was champion by the Queen. Sean Connery was a heartthrob - but also distinguished for the strength of character he fetch to roles. Happy 85th birthday, Sir Sean.


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  • Sean Connery‬‬
    Produit par un modeste studio (American International Pictures), Meteor east un échec commercial considéré...