How to Make Mini Window Air Conditioner at Home DIY Project

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In this video we will show you how to make portable window Air Conditioner at Home

Total Cost of the Project:-

Power Supply Rs 500
2 Peltier Module Rs 400
2 Heat Sink with Fan Rs 100
2 Heat Sink Rs 50
2 Fan Rs 50
Heat Compound Rs 50
Total Cost Rs 1150

Things Required:-
1.Power Supply 12Volt 10Amp

2. Two Fan

3. Two Heat Sink

4. Two Heat Sink with Fan

5. Two Peltier Module

6. One Thermometer Module

7. Heat Compound

Concept and Idea :- Mohammad Saif Ali

Thanks to our team members: Deepak Yadav, Jaysheel Shah and Arshad Aamir

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