How to make Steam Powered Electricity Generator - DIY Cool Science Project

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How to make Steam Powered Electricity Generator using empty aluminum cans. Steam Powered Electricity Generator is a simple science project for school students who are interested in science experiments which can be done at home. In this video, you will learn how to make diy Steam Powered Electric Generator at home. It is a perfect working model for science projects.
In Steam Powered Electric Generator, Water is heated, turns into steam and rotates a steam turbine which drives an electrical generator to produce electricity. It converts heat energy into electrical energy. When water is heated inside close aluminum can, the pressure inside increases. Thus steam goes out through pencil nozzle with speed. This steam forces the turbine to spin. When turbine rotates due to steam, it also rotates dc motor connected to it at the same time. Since dc motor can be used as an electric generator to produce electricity if mechanical energy is supplied instead to electrical energy. So as a result electricity produces. In this diy school science project, you will see the construction and working of Steam Powered Electricity Generator. In this cool science experiment you will see the conversion of heat energy into electrical energy. This can be one of the best science projects for school students.

Things You Need (With Amazon Buy Links):
➜ 7V DC Motor -
➜ RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Multi-Color LED Light
a) Slow Flash -
b) Fast Flash -
➜ Hot Glue Gun -
➜ Craft Knife Or Box Cutter -
➜ Jumper Wires With Alligator Clips -
➜ Plaster Of Paris -
➜ Lineman's Plier Or Combination Plier -
➜ Scissors -
➜ 3 Empty Pepsi Cans
➜ 2 Empty Ballpoint Pens
➜ Ice Cream Sticks
➜ Copper Wire
➜ Marker
➜ Empty Ballpoint Pen Pipe
➜ Old DVD (Digital Video Disc)

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