NASA spots 'Alien facehugger' on Mars; UFO photo tweeted by astronaut - aliens and UFOs compilation

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FULL video of huge crater in Siberia:

1. NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover has picked up an image that some think could be a crab-like martian alien. The rock feature has also been likened to the facehugger creature from the Alien movies.

2. The discovery of an enormous crater on the Yamal peninsula in northern Siberia has triggered an intense debate surrounding its formation. Some of the wilder theories include that the crater was caused by a UFO, a meteorite, a missile or a gas drilling-related explosion.

3. Conspiracy theorists and Internet commentators alike are having a blast with a viral video claiming to show UFOs in a NASA camera feed aboard the International Space Station.

4. A bizarre creature was allegedly found by a woman right outside her house in San Jose, California. Gianna Peponis found the dead creature at night, after hearing a scream. Struggling to understand what it was, Peponis posted the picture online.

5. Astronaut Scott Kelly, who is spending a year in space aboard the ISS, posted the photo to his Twitter page on November 15, 2015. UFO theorists quickly latched onto the mysterious lights in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

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