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NO DRAWING *Dry Sponge* Nail Polish Designs (Nail Art Tutorial) | Superwowstyle

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No drawing is a fun way to do your nails, and in this Dry Sponge Nail Polish Designs that is exactly what we will be doing!



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Hello Everyone!

So today I will be talking about something new and fun that I came up with very recently while hoping to do do something exciting with that make up sponge! Most of us have tried (either successfully or otherwise), the long lengthy procedure of sponge nail art - where we carefully try to create an ombre look and it takes infinite time and patience! Sure those look pretty, and once you have got the hang of it, it is fun as well, like I myself have demonstrated so many times on my own superwowstyle nail art youtube pages. They are to be carefully planned and meted out in the right order and you need to follow each step very closely to get it just right.
But often you are just looking for something messy like dry nail polish designs and that is when it hits you, that would much rather do something less complicated and exact!

So, today I decided to do just that and create total chaos with my previously used ideas on how to use sponge nail art for doing your nails! In this video, I have turned it all around and make it fun and random and very exciting - or so I hope you would find it to be, just like I did!

I have used some very random colors over here, and there for it goes without saying, you can use any color here that you want. However I would recommend a color that is bright and in contrast to not only the base color but also in a sharp contrast to the other color being used.

✦ If you like such random techniques nail polish designs, here is one really fun video for you to try out -

I also wanted to mention here a few important things:

1. Use a white matte polish on the base. This will hold the striping tapes better and also avoid peeling off the polish when you take off the tape.

2. Use a matte top coat too. They are better on such designs which are very tiny and lose their pop under the glaze of a shiny clear polish.

3. The lock in spray used in this video is recommended but not mandatory. It is a good spray to use on the side for extra protection of the polish, but you will have to dry the polish yourself first anyway.

The links shared above are simply shared for the benefit of you all. I hope you will use your wise judgement before making any purchases of your own. I only recommend them since I loved them personally and wish to help you find these products easily if you need them.

As you might have noticed, I used striping take to create some sharp lines in between. This is of course a matter of choice, and one can draw the lines directly as well. If you want, you can use tapes and/or stencils to create random patterns like boxes, hearts, flowers - nail art youtube is filled with such delightful ideas.


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