Pak Model Qandeel Baloch CRIES & ABUSES Afridi After Pakistan's Loss In WT20

Well for we Indians we have been celebrating kyuki Pakistan tumse nahi hoga. Mauka Mauka aaya and chala gaya and once again Pakistan lost it. But the drama queen of Pakistan Qandeel Baloch aka the drama queen has uploaded a video crying and lamenting on the loss of the Pakistan team. And making dear Shahid Afridi the scapegoat. Ya Afridi is dear as he so rightly said that India gives him so much love. But dude when we have Virat tumse na ho payega.

But Qandeel Baloch is howling in the grief of the loss. And she doesn’t want the team to come back to Pakistan. Well we do understand Qandeel when your expectations are not fulfilled you feel depressed... and dear we are not so sorry!!!! Such a melodrama. She is crying and says She hates Afridi. Blaming him for loss is kind of favourite timepass.

A small advice stop hope of Pakistan winning in world cup matched against India!!!

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