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  • 00:20 UFO Sighting

    UFO Sighting

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    Hate it when that happens.

  • 01:32 Fail Again, Fail Better

    Fail Again, Fail Better

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    "Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat" -F. Scott Fitzgerald Summer Internship project produced at BL:ND / Direction / Design / Animation by David Bauer, Michael Ko and Sara Shin. Sound design by David Kamp / Sara Sh

  • 04:53 F is for FAIL

    F is for FAIL

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    F is for Fail is a short film about the creative process, and the failure we always encounter, but usually overcome. Told using the alphabet, each letter informs us of the state of the protagonist's creativity/state of mind. Each letter has two words asso

  • 03:53 Etereas / Animation Shortfilm

    Etereas / Animation Shortfilm

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    Cannes in a Van Best Motion Graphics Design Runner up, Ganador del Tercer lugar del Festival de Danza Agite y Sirva, México, Best of #ArtSetFree de ArtsBrookfield, NY, PEARL winnerfilm/ Pool-festival, Berlin. Top ten in Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Film Festiv

  • 00:20 Mother's Day Ident

    Mother's Day Ident

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    Project: Mother's Day Ident Client: Express News and Express Entertainment 2d and 3d animation: Mohsin abbas

  • 01:06 It's Mother's Day

    It's Mother's Day

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    It's Mother's Day, a day we celebrate everything our mothers have done for us. And most of all, a day to praise God. Because a celebration of mothers is ultimately a celebration of the One who created them.

  • 03:31 Electrio


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    Darc Records presents the music video for Electrio's "Machine", a surreal dystopic dream-like struggle debuting vocalist Melissa Reese, and featuring bandmates Brain (Primus, Guns N' Roses), and Scott Donnell (Deep Audio). Melissa battles for control over