The Serpent Power: The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga. Chapter 6 - Class 6

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This is a Lecture and discussion on the ancient Tantric teachings regarding the embodied consciousness of Man, which is empowered by Kundalini the vehicle of consciousness.

A Full Lecture and Discussion on Man's Makeup as In regards to Life-Force of Kundalini and how to gradually bring about control over this sacral power through the ancient methods Tantra Yoga, which looms together at least 10 Yoga System to helps bring about a spiritual balance in the rise of this sacral Life-Force called Kundalini.

Come and Join us for the "NEXT SIX SUNDAY'S" to learn about this ancient science of Tantra Sastra (knowledge) that looms the following ten (10) Yogas together as one intense system to safely bring about the awakening of Kundalini; 1) Jnana Yoga, 2)Karma Yoga, 3) Bhakti Yoga, 4) Hatha Yoga, 5) Raja Yoga, 6) Mantra Yoga, 7)Mudra Yoga, 8) Kriya Yoga, 9) Kundalini Yoga 10) Laya Yoga.

Basic information needed, on the Man's Make-up to begin to grasp the various concepts of the Tantra Yoga systems of spiritual development.

1) The Spirit - "A Divine Spark of God an unmanifested state of intelligence"

2) The Soul - Is a Manifested Body of the Spirit.

3) The Auric Body - The Indestructible Body of the Soul

4) Kundalini - The vehicle of consciousness for the Soul and the life-force of the Body(s).

5) The Nadi System - The subtle flow of energies (prana) from the Kundalini.

6) The Chakra System - Is 108 Chakras (or vortex centers) of power and consciousness use to tap into the endless source and flow of cosmic energies and universal mind substance.

7) The Mental Bodies - A series of energy-configurations within the layers of the auric body that forms mental instruments such as; the super-conscious mind, Sub-conscious mind, and conscious mind.

8) The Subtle Energies (Prana) - This is the flow of 5-Major Pranas within the body traveling through and around the nadi system and chakras. The five major pranas are as follows; 1) Prana, 2) Udana, 3) Apana, 4) Samana, and 5) Vyana.

9) The Etheric Body - A subtle body made from the mental and vital energy patterns from the upper chakras of the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, and the Christ /Third-Eye Chakra.

10) The Astral Body -A subtle body made from the mental and vital energy patterns from the lower chakras of the Base of Spine Chakra, Sex Chakra, and Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Physical Body

- This is a gross physical body, "the gross shell" for all the above-listed components of the embodied consciousness of man's existence on the gross physical plane.

• Sunday, May 15, 2016 Question & Answer

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