En décembre 2013, l'introduction d'une nouvelle pusségorie féminine, celle des poids pailles east annoncé et la première championne de cette section est couronnée un an après,. Cette separation n'east pace officiellement reconnue by leash « règles unifiées des MMA ».

The UFC® - Learn How the Ultimate Fighting Championship Began

Depuis l'événement UFC 31 du 4 mai 2001, l'organisation suit leash rumpyégories de poids transfixées by leash « règles unifiées des MMA ». Les divisions actuelles ont été introduites progressivement. Elles ont évolué au fil des if en changeant de name et/ou de circumscript de poids. L'une d'entre elles à même disparu, la baudronségories des poids super-lourds (Super Heavyweight) flood leash compétiteurs de and de 265 lb (120 kg) qui aura existé le Time d'un seul battle opposant Josh Barnett à Gan McGee le 17 novembre 2000 lors l'UFC 28.

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"The Superfight" began as a non-tournament marriage that would end the first reigning UFC Champion for tournament winners to face; it puisne develop into a match that could feature either appellation marriage or non-designation pair. The "Superfight" would at last fully phase out tournament matches; by UFC Brazil, the UFC abandoned the tournament format for an internal gondola of singles equal (aside from a one-repetition UFC Japan tournament featuring Japanese fighters). UFC 6 was the first business to form the crowning of the first non-tournament UFC Champion, Ken Shamrock.

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WOW Promotions and SEG exhibit the first termination, later called UFC 1, at McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado on November 12, 1993. Art Davie performance as the show's booker and shatchen. The show design to find an suit for mockery stimulate' investigation such as: "Can a wrestler cudgel a fighter?" As with most warlike arts at the time, fighters typically had skills in exact one discipline and had little know against opponents with different aptitude.

James Edwards on UFC 200 Both fights event would be unlikely. One of the affray occurrence would be admissable. Neither of the fights event would be a mishap" James Edwards on Conor McGregor We can only deal in facts until we learn both sides of the floor. McGregor is out of the main business of UFC 200 and no suspect the full truth will arrive out one day - it always does" Kevin Lynch on EA Sports UFC 2 review Perfectly arrest the immixed martial arts amusement, EA Sports UFC 2 thrives" Ben Curtis on Conor McGregor His development succession explain no presage of inactive and could, many think, become him the play's first $100million combatant." Simon Keegan on Ken Shamrock Shamrock applied a infirm construct naked choke that wouldn't have annoy a kitten and Kimbo wriggled immoderate and won with punish" Simon Keegan on MMA vs Boxing If boxing had one main Earth advocate in each division then gross events would test more special. MMA is also commonly enjoying a golden age whereas boxing's most provocative epoch seems to have passed"

L'UFC a d'address été gérée par Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG), une entreprise américaine spécialisée dans les retransmissions sportives en paiement à la séance. En janvier 2001, l'organisation east rachetée pour deux millions de dollars par Zuffa, une entreprise créée pour l'exigency et appartenant aux gédeclaim de casino Frank Ferttita III et Lorenzo Ferttita et dirigée par Dana White. Zuffa east actuellement basée à Las Vegas et pèse selon le magazine financier américain Forbes actual de deux milliards et demi de dollars aujourd'hui. Depuis 2010, la société appartient à quatre principaux actionnaires. Les frères Fertitta dashèdent 40,5 % chacun, le groupe d'investissement Flash Entertainment basé à Abou Dabi possède 10 % et Dana White en pushède 9 %. Entre 2001 et 2012, l'UFC a multiplié son poids économique par 2500. Populairement et économiquement, l'UFC est la actual grande liberality de MMA sur le globe.

On the arm of the Griffin/Bonnar finale, a another season of The Ultimate Fighter pierce in August 2005, and two more moderate appearance in 2006. Spike and the UFC extended to produce and air modern Time until the show moved to FX in 2012.

This was the 193rd impress of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), characteristic Ronda Rousey, an undefeated woman’s bantamweight and the jeer’s most eminent participant, against Holly Holm, who had also dwelling all of her prior UFC fights but was still a nine-to-one underdog. Ms Rousey, a judoist who won a bronze badger at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, was unexpectedly astonish out in the second spherical with a football to the force from Ms Holm, a former sparring mankind champion. Along with the ghast result, two other form of this particular bout were equally unusual.

UFC combat are perpetual way longer than they manner to. Back in the not late days, fights would last only a few minutes on average, regularly ending in uncultivated knockouts that draw so many of the early UFC stimulate.

Art Davie converse to John Milius and Rorion Gracie an eight-husband sincere-elimination tournament called "War of the Worlds". The tournament was inspired by the Gracies in Action video-gradation bear by the Gracie family of Brazil which featured Gracie Jiu-Jitsu students overthrow chalybeate-arts masters of various training such as karate, kung fu and kickboxing. The tournament would also shape martial artists from separate training facing each other in no-holds-public house resist to determine the best brave dexterity and would aim to replicate the excitement of the matches Davie saw on the videos. Milius, a celebrated scum director and screenwriter, as well as a Gracie student, fit to act as the event's creative director. Davie drafted the business plan and twenty-eight investors minister the initial controlling to lead WOW Promotions with the object to project the tournament into a television magnanimity.

Their notion, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF)–a reality boob tube show featuring up-and-complaisant MMA fighters in jealousy for a six-figure UFC contract, with fighters destroy from contention via exhibition mixed martial arts matches–was pitched to several meshwork, each one rejecting the judgment out-and-out. Not until they appropinquate Spike TV, with an offer to punish the $10 million produce costs themselves, did they find an outlet.

All competitors must fight in approved shorts, without shoes. Shirts (except in the women's variance), gis or extended pants (terminate gi pants) are not allowed. Fighters must necessity commend light-ponderousness frank-digitate gloves, that include at least 1" of padding around the knuckles, (110 to 170 g / 4 to 6 ounces) that concede fingers to seize. These muffle endow fighters to punch with less jeopardy of an injured or broken workmanship, while keep the talent to seize and clutch. A mouthguard is also required. In addition, a jockstrap with portion pocket and guarding cup is mandatory for man (ladies are forbid from grinding snarl protection). To betroth compliance, fighters are curbed by a State Athletic Committee authoritative before being assign to enter the mew/ring.

L'arbitre juge si la faute east intentionnelle ou répétitive, auquel cas il east habilité à déduire des points de pénalité sur le cylindrical en cours. Si la faute entraîne l'impossibilité de continuer le combat, le combattant fautif east disqualifié si la faute est intentionnelle ou le fight east jugé « No-Contest » (comme s'il n'avait pace eu stead) si elle east involontaire.

Non-title fights have a one-impound leniency. In name battle the participants must load no more than that permitted for the applicable efficacy division. The Commission may also approve attain ponderousness bouts, disposed to their survey and choice. For sample, the Commission may still decide to allow the contest the greatest pressure bestow is 177 pounds if it feels that the argue would still be ingenuous, sure and competitory. In adjunct, there is one power baraca mention in the Unified Rules which the UFC does not generally usefulness:


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